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ecoinvent version 3

The ecoinvent version 3 database is the third major release in the long history of ecoinvent. The latest update, ecoinvent 3.3, features hundreds of new and updated datasets, including numerous from the World Food LCA Database.

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Gain access to our fully transparent life cycle inventory database, including unlinked unit processes as well as life cycle inventory results and impact assessment results. To buy a licence directly through ecoinvent you will first have to register as a new user. You would like to use ecoinvent in an LCA software? Then get in touch with one of our resellers!

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ecoinvent is the world's leading LCI database which delivers both in terms of transparency and consistency.


The ecoinvent database provides well documented process data for thousands of products, helping you make truly informed choices about their environmental impact. Who we are

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23 February 2017


ecionvent just released new documentation for Data providers, read all about it link.


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As ecoinvent offers so many features and possibilities it can prove a challenge to briefly summarise its benefits. We've created a short video sharing the essentials.


Pascal Lesage, CIRAIG


«The ecoinvent database plays a central role at the CIRAIG. It is our principal source of LCI data for the LCA studies we carry out. Just as importantly, ecoinvent is often used as a laboratory to investigate LCA methodological advancements. The reason ecoinvent is often the best choice in both our our LCA practice and our research is that it supplies disaggregated and linked LCI data. In our experience, the ecoinvent Center have always been quite helpful, responding to inquiries and providing insights to research results.»


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