Buy a Licence

Licence Types

The ecoinvent Centre distinguishes between licences used for commerical purposes and educational purposes.

Commercial Licence


A commercial licence (single- or multi-user) can be used on one workstation for any type of research and is not restricted to unsubsidised, academic or educational LCA projects, as the educational licence is.


Commercial Single-User

The first commercial licence an organisation purchases is priced at EUR 3,800 and called commercial single-user licence.


Commercial Multi-User

Every subsequent ecoinvent licence an organisation purchases is priced at only EUR 1,900 and called commercial mult-user licence.

Educational Licence


Universities and high schools have the possibility to purchase an „educational licence", linked to the following special conditions:


  • unlimited access (number of persons) within the university campus


  • licence limited to educational purposes (no studies on behalf of private companies)


Educational licences are priced at EUR 3,800 including the first year maintenance. For universities and high schools in non-OECD countries educational licences are for free.