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Written on 08.02.2017 by jaydagdag.thei see context

Can you be more specific about which version of ReCiPe method it is. I have inquired about it in OpenLCA and they said that Ecoinvent ReCiPe methods is v1.08. I would like to know if you can confirm this.

Written on 08.02.2017 by luciavalsasina see context

Dear J Adonai, 


This is a general comment for all users, we are not always aware of how ecoinvent and ecoinvent related methods etc. are displayed in each and every LCA software. We are threrefore grateful when, as you did, we can recieve a screenshot or a very specific indication of what a user is exactly looking at. We thank in advance all users for the understanding and their help.


The ReCiPe version that is used in ecoinvent is ReCiPe 2008:


Goedkoop M., Heijungs R., de Schryver A., Struijs J. and van Zelm R. (2009)
ReCiPe 2008 - A life cycle impact assessment method which comprises
harmonized category indicators at the midpoint and the endpoint level / Report I:
Characterisation. Ministerie van VROM, Den Haag (Netherlands), OnlineVersion


You can read more about the implementation in ecoinvent in: 


Hischier R., Weidema B., Althaus H.-J., Bauer C., Doka G., Dones R., Frischknecht R., Hellweg S., Humbert S., Jungbluth N., Köllner T., Loerincik Y., Margni M., and Nemecek T. (2010) Implementation of Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods. Final report ecoinvent v2.2 No. 3. Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories, Dübendorf, CH


Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on 07.02.2017 by terezalevova see context

Dear Niels,

Which datasets in particular do you have in mind? And which impacts? In case of lorry the impacts with refrigeration are app. 18% higher (GWP) which is in line with other studies done on refrigeration.


Yes, there is a sectorial report available. You can download it from the ecoquery (see the attached screenshot). Plus see a link to a poster presented in one of the scientific conferences we attended in 2015 (

life_cycle_inventories_of_transport_of_goods_in_need_of_atmosphere_control.pdf) on the topic – Figure 4 shows the influence of the added refrigeration per 1kg of fruits (consumer mix).

I hope this explains your observations.


Written on 07.02.2017 by jungbluth see context

I was surprised about the extremly higher impacts of refrigerated transports compared to normal transports. You are named as the data generator. Can you provide more details than in the meta information how this was modelled? Is there a report available for this? Where on the cited webpage is this information provided?

Written on 07.02.2017 by luciavalsasina see context

Dear Evelin, 


To see the differences between the methods you can acess the ecoinvent database onlineif you never accessed before pelase read here, in the files section you can download the zip file ecoinvent 3.3_LCIA_implementation.7z. The zip contains, amongst other, the list of LCIA methods implementation (including characterisation factors) in excel format and its PDF documentation which contains a section dedicated to IPCC. You can also find specific excel files for IPCC2007 and 2013.


Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on 07.02.2017 by E.Kletzer see context


I had thougth the global warming potential should be somewhat the same over all methods. Yes, methane became 28 (instead of 25), and N2O dropped significantly, but where do the huge differences come from?

For example: market for sugar, from sugarcane (GLO)

CML 2001: 1,1667 kg CO2e/kg

IPCC 2007: 1,141 kg CO2e/kg

IPCC 2013: 1,6389 kg CO2e/kg (!!!)

IPCC 2013 is 44% higher - have I missed something?


Please help!!!


Written on 01.02.2017 by luciavalsasina see context

Dear Emily, 


I would reccomend you to look into version 2 report 13 III Lanfills. Read here on how to access version 2 reports, if you never accessed ecoinvent online please read here


Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on 31.01.2017 by Emily see context

Dear Ecoinvent,

I was wondering if anybody had an answer to my question.. I have been researching but I did not find a satisfaying answer till now. 

Many thanks in advance!

Written on 25.01.2017 by luciavalsasina see context

Dear J Adonai,


You can download the list of all LCIA methods including all the impact categories as well as list of selected LCI cumulative results provided by ecoinvent here: "LCIA methods in ecoinvent 3.3". To know what is available in OpenLCA please contact their support directly. 

Best regards,
Lucia Valsasina, Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on 24.01.2017 by jungbluth see context

dry ice

Dear Lucia,
ESU-services is offering data for ice used on fishing vessels.

ice, from ice machine, at harbourice, from ice machine, at fishing boat
See for further information.
BR Niels Jungbluth

Written on 24.01.2017 by jungbluth see context

The carbon footprint for the Swiss market mix of biogas. I am not aware of any imports to Switzerland. Please explain why there is no Swiss dataset in the Top 5.

- Why is there nearly no Swiss biogas in the Swiss market mix?