Mission & Vision

Decision Statements

As the world's leading, transparent LCI database ecoinvent plays a key role within the framework of Life Cycle Assessment. These decision statements aim to provide a clearer understanding of ecoinvent's strategic position on the topics discussed in the following.

Decision Statements

Free Data

ecoinvent remains committed to providing transparent, consistent and reliable and relevant LCI data for many years to come. As a not-for-profit association, all income is reinvested into the maintenance, development and updating of the database. At the moment, ecoinvent uses a commercial approach to finance its operations through sales of data licenses. If alternative, sustainable sponsorship methods become available, ecoinvent will work towards making the database available free of charge.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

The importance of Environmental Product Declarations has grown significantly over the past years, including through the launch of the PEF/OEF initiative of the EU. ecoinvent is working actively towards ensuring its database being PEF-compliant in coordination with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. ecoinvent is also actively observing the Standards and EPD scene for relevant developments and work towards compatibility, e.g. EN15804 where version 3.1 is already compatible.

Data Priorities & Future Releases of the Database

ecoinvent intends to release yearly updates of its current version of the database, ecoinvent version 3. These updates will bring new data from existing and new sectors, increased geographical coverage for existing products and updates for existing datasets. ecoinvent encourages and supports data providers worldwide and is open to submissions from any source. ecoinvent is making a special effort to update existing core data of the database from early versions of the database to ensure a current core of the database.

International & National Initiatives

ecoinvent welcomes the collaboration with other database initiatives. With the version 3 framework, national or regional databases can be hosted easily within the ecoinvent framework, and ecoinvent offers this system to initiatives without the resources to host a full database system themselves or who wish to integrate into the ecoinvent database. ecoinvent is also actively collaborating with other databases to facilitate data exchange between transparent databases, and is participating in e.g. UNEP/Setac's initiative on database interoperability.

Unit Process vs System Process

ecoinvent strongly believes that unit process (gate-to-gate) data is an essential factor in a database's usefulness, as they allow environmental hotspot and supply chain analysis, insight into process conditions, adaptation of background data to suit users' foreground needs and interoperability between different data sources. While ecoinvent also publishes system processes (cradle-to-gate data, aggregated LCIs), these are provided for convenience and cannot replace the value of access to unit process information.