Mission & Vision

The ecoinvent Association is a not-for-profit organisation. Its vision is to help people all around the world do high quality environmental assessments more easily.

Mission Statement

How We Implement Our Mission


up-to-date, relevant, transparent, consistent, understandable & affordable LCI data with world-wide coverage


The ecoinvent database is the world's leading, transparent Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database. We aim to keep that this way. For the data to remain relevant we partner with institutes from all around the globe and provide regular updates of the database. Being true to our vision we provide ecoinvent licences at an affordable price or even for free.


standards for data quality, structure & access


With every release of the ecoinvent database we do a full quality check. We are committed to providing a transparent database. Users of the ecoinvent database have access to LCIA Results, LCI data as well as unit process data (UPR). 


quality control


The high quality of the ecoinvent data is ensured through the quality control by the Group of LCI Experts and the Editorial Board. The editors review and validate all new datasets before these are included in the ecoinvent database. The group of LCI experts is entrusted with maintaining and developing the ecoinvent data quality guidelines and monitoring the implementation.

Providing, maintaining & operating

a global database


The ecoinvent version 3 database is updated on a yearly basis. The yearly releases include new and updated data ensuring that the high level of quality is maintained. The ecoinvent team, employed by the ecoinvent Association which is directed by the ecoinvent Board, keeps the day to day operations afloat. Technical development, support of users and data providers as well as licence requests are all addressed by the ecoinvent team.

Being an independent international data hub

by engaging & supporting international data providers


Submitting data to ecoinvent is free of charge and data providers are supported through the whole submission process. Since 2014, ecoinvent is the proud partner of the project Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI). One of the core purposes of the SRI project is the creation of reliable, consistent and transparent regionalised LCIs.

Supporting all relevant actors

in the use & the application of ecoinvent LCI data


ecoinvent is in regular contact with relevant actors in the political environment, private economy and academia. All leading LCA software providers have implemented ecoinvent as a background database. This allows you to evaluate the data, benefiting from a wide range of features offered in the LCA softwares.