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LCA database provider ecoinvent provides exclusive insights


20 April 2016

Know The Flow - ifu


An interview with Gregor Wernet, the Executive Director of ecoinvent on upcoming developments and the vision of how the ecoinvent database may look like in 5 years from now. Read interview (EN)

Why my LCA scores radically changed after the ecoinvent update


26 January 2015

PRé Sustainability


Find out how PRé's LCA expert Tommie Ponsioen researched the extent of the changes caused by updating from ecoinvent 2.2 to 3.1. Read article (EN)

LCA database ecoinvent version 3 is here



25 November 2013

PRé Sustainability


Gregor Wernet, ecoinvent's Executive Manager, about the release of the new version of world's most used LCA database, ecoinvent 3. Read article (EN)

An interview with ecoinvent's former Chief Scientist Bo Weidema


13 November 2013

PRé Sustainability


The ecoinvent version 3 database offers the users amongst other the choice between different system models. An interview with ecoinvent's former Chief Scientist Bo Weidema. Read article (EN)

Portuguese Articles

Seminário do PBACV reúne especialistas para discutir políticas públicas em Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida


13 November 2015



Article describing the event attended by LCA specialist and policy planners discussing the role of LCA in policy planning in Brazil, the activities to set-up the Brazilian life cycle inventory database, and how ecoinvent supports such activities by generating regionalised life cycle inventory datasets for Brazil in the framework of the SRI projectRead article (PT)

Spanish Articles

Implementan banco de datos de Ciclo de Vida de producto


16 July 2015



Article elaborating on the offical launch of the SRI project in Latin America. Read article (ES)

Ecoinvent planea desarrollar bases de datos de productos y servicios


16 July 2015

El Comercio


Article focusing on Peru's role in the SRI projectRead article (ES)

German Articles

Globalen Umweltschäden auf der Spur


05 March 2015

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


An article on global environmental impacts and the search for a unified system to measure these. Read article (DE)

Lebenszyklus unter der Lupe


12 December 2013



An article looking at what role ecoinvent may play in our everyday lives. Read article (DE)

Der Öko-Röntgenblick 


28 April 2013



An article showing the diverse ways that the ecoinvent database comes into use. Read article (DE)

Boom bei den Ökobilanzen


05 March 2008

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


An article on Life Cycle Assessment showing what role the ecoinvent database plays in measuring the environmental impact of a product or service. Read article (DE)