30 July 2018

Catch ecoinvent version 3.5 soon!

Find out what you can expect from ecoinvent version 3.5, learn about ecoinvent’s current projects, and the upcoming workshop:


New data in ecoinvent version 3.5

We are happy to announce the release of ecoinvent version 3.5 for the 3rd quarter of 2018. Our latest edition will include more than 2000 new, revised and updated datasets for the following sectors:


Aquaculture and Fish Capture
For the first time, datasets on aquaculture and fish capture will be published in ecoinvent. In the framework of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) project, new datasets related to anchovy, hake and tuna capture as well as trout and tilapia aquaculture, primarily in Latin America will be added to the database. Processing into fish meal and oil as well as fish processing activities such as canning or freezing are also included.

Waste Treatment
Version 3.5 will provide access to 150 new waste treatment and disposal activities, including unsanitary landfill, open burning and open dumping. Additionally, 500 new, country specific disposal mixes for common municipal waste fractions will be available in 37 European countries as well as in the emerging economies Brazil, Colombia, Peru, India and South Africa. This expansion of the waste management sector offers an increased granularity in terms of treatment options and regional mixes.

Hard Coal
As one of the environmentally most impactful sectors, hard coal contributes considerably to the impacts of countless downstream activities. After revising the entire sector, version 3.5 will cover more than 95% of the global hard coal supply chains. New data on coal mining in India and South Africa will include different types of mines. Key emissions from coal mines will be updated and consistently implemented for all geographies. Furthermore, import and market datasets will depict global trade flows and regional hard coal mixes, respectively.

The entire aluminium supply chain will feature the most recent available data, provided by the International Aluminum Institute. This update includes electricity production as well as primary and secondary aluminium production for most regions of the world. Moreover, new regional datasets for some activities will provide even higher resolution and more transparency. The latest update reflects the fast changing global trade of products within the aluminium supply chain.

Pulp Production and Containerboard
The pulp sector will represent the latest primary data on sulphate pulp production collected by the European Pulp Industry Sector Association. This allows a higher level of granularity in the sulphate pulp supply chains, distinguishing bleached and unbleached kraft pulp by type of pulpwood. Similarly, the European corrugated board supply chain will feature the latest data from the Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.

Improved Supply Chain Representation
An analysis of supply chains in many parts of the database was undertaken for the release of version 3.5. Supply chains were either confirmed as up-to-date and appropriate, or updating needs were identified. As a result, over a thousand links between demanding and supplying activities will be updated and hundreds of new, regional market datasets for various products will be introduced. With this improvement, supply chains will reflect the reality of global and regional product flows even better.

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Successful completion of the SRI project

For more than 4 years, ecoinvent has been a partner and the implementer of the SRI programme, component A – Life cycle inventories. The Sustainable Recycling Industries programme has come to an end in June 2018.

As a result, several hundreds of new datasets, mainly addressing the conditions in emerging economies, were developed and will be integrated into the next releases, starting with version 3.5. The covered sectors include building construction materials, agricultural and textile products, tourism, aquaculture, precious metals, and others. In addition, several LCI modelling tools for waste disposal, waste water disposal, and agricultural services were developed.

Follow the upcoming release of the SRI LCI datasets on the ecoinvent and SRI website.


ecoinvent workshop at the SETAC LCA Symposium in Vienna

As a sponsor of the 2018 SETAC LCA Symposium in Vienna, ecoinvent is organising an interactive workshop during which we will give insights on the upcoming developments of the ecoinvent database. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 24th of September at 2pm to share our ideas as well as to collect your recommendations and needs for the future of our database.
The participation is free of charge, but registration to the Symposium is required. Please register for both, the Symposium and the ecoinvent workshop directly through the SETAC LCA Symposium webpage.