Honorary & Passive Members

ecoinvent is happy to have welcomed its first passive and honorary members to the association: CIRAIG and Rolf Frischknecht.

Honorary Member

Rolf Frischknecht


Managing Director, treeze

The honorary member Rolf Frischknecht is the owner and managing director of the consulting firm treeze. As well as being a highly renowned expert in the field, Rolf has been crucial in the development of the database: His involvement with ecoinvent began in 1998, leading the development of the database specifications. Rolf was then appointed Executive Manager of ecoinvent in 2000, a position he held until 2008. To date, he remains an important data provider and is a long-standing member of the International Advisory Council.

Passive Member



Centre international de référence sur le cycle de vie des produits, procédés et services

The passive member CIRAIG is an internationally acclaimed centre of expertise in life cycle issues based at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada. Ecoinvent and CIRAIG have been partnering since 2011 to fully integrate a Québec database into ecoinvent version 3, including over 700 datasets especially for Québec, Canada as well as data on metals, dairy product and soy derivatives completely new to ecoinvent.