The ecoinvent Team

The ecoinvent association and database are managed by an international team, reflecting the user base of the ecoinvent database, dedicated to help people all around the world do high quality environmental assessments more easily. 

The ecoinvent Team

Gregor Wernet


As ecoinvent's Executive Director Gregor oversees the management of ecoinvent. More about Gregor 

Emilia Moreno Ruiz


As Deputy Director, Emilia supports Gregor in questions of strategy as well as in event of his absence. In addition, Emilia leads the central management and coordination of data entry. More about Emilia

Fadri Casty


As Head of Sales & Business Development, Fadri is responsible for the worldwide sales of LCI database and is the driving force for ecoinvent's strategic development of new markets, products and services. More about Fadri

Guillaume Bourgault


As Project Manager Guillaume supports the team with his expertise in scientific programming. More about Guillaume 

Carl Vadenbo


As Project Manager, Carl coordinates and supports various projects related to data entry and the continuous development of the ecoinvent database. More about Carl

Laz Bohale


As IT Project Manager, Laz advises ecoinvent on IT with the purpose of aligning it to business strategy, driving innovation and supporting daily activities. More about Laz

Tarja Worni


As the Team Assistant Tarja supports the ecoinvent team in administrative and accounting tasks. More about Tarja



Lucia Valsasina


As Junior Project Manager Lucia coordinates and contributes to various projects aiming at the improvement and development of the ecoinvent database. More about Lucia 


David FitzGerald


As Data Analyst, David helps maintain and improve the ecoinvent database. He also provides support to database users and data providers. More about David

Avraam Symeonidis


As Data Analyst, Avraam helps maintan and improve the ecoinvent database. More about Avraam

Florentine Brunner


As Data Analyst, Florentine helps to maintain and improve the ecoinvent database. More about Florentine