Buy a Licence

Purchasing Through ecoinvent

Enjoy an online access to our fully transparent life cycle inventory data, to life cycle inventory results and to impact assessment results.

Purchasing Process

Register for a New Licence


To purchase a licence directly through ecoinvent fill in the registration form on the ecoinvent version 3 database. The prices displayed on our website apply.


You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed your registration.




Payment Process


We will confirm your licence registration by email followed by another email including the corresponding invoice in pdf.


We do not accept payments made by credit cards.


As soon as the invoice has been paid you will gain full access to the ecoinvent database.

Activation of Your User Account


When registering for a new licence your access to the ecoinvent will remain a guest access at first. 


As soon as the invoice for your licence has been paid you will gain full access to both ecoinvent version 2 and version 3.