Buy a Licence

Licence Types

ecoinvent distinguishes between licences used for commerical purposes and educational purposes.

Commercial Licence


A commercial licence (single- or multi-user) can be used on one workstation for any type of research and is not restricted to unsubsidised, academic or educational LCA projects, as the educational licence is.


Commercial Single-User

The first commercial licence an organisation purchases is priced at EUR 3,800 and called commercial single-user licence.


Commercial Subsequent licence

Every subsequent ecoinvent licence an organisation purchases is priced at only EUR 2,850 and called commercial subsequent licence.





How to buy a licence

Educational Licence


Universities and high schools have the possibility to purchase an „educational licence”, which


  • is limited to educational purposes only (no research on behalf of / funded by the private sector)


  • is valid for one professorship at one university location (university sites in different countries are considered separate locations)


  • may be used by an unlimited number of students under this professorship (at the same time)


  • is priced at EUR 3,800 including the first year of maintenance


  • is free for universities and high schools in non-OECD countries


How to buy a licence