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Yearly Maintenance

The yearly maintenance was introduced with the release of ecoinvent 3 and grants users access to updates of the third version of the database.

The ecoinvent licence includes the first year of maintenance. The ecoinvent licence grants users unlimited access to the current version of the datatabase at the time of purchase as well as any release within a year's time.


Maintenance in a nutshell
Why extend your maintenance
How to extend your maintenance
When does your maintenance starts counting

The maintenance in a nutshell

  • The ecoinvent version 3 maintenance is a yearly fee guaranteeing you uninterrupted access to updates and improvements. Version 3 is updated on a yearly basis, including new and updated datasets as well as overall improvements to the database.


  • The first year maintenance fee is included in your ecoinvent version 3 licence price.
  • The yearly maintenance fee for commercial single-user licences is EUR 650, and EUR 487.5 for subsequent commercial multi-user licences . For educational multi-user licences which are valid for one professorhsip at one university location the maintenance fee is EUR 650. For details see the price list.


  • The ecoinvent licence grants users unlimited access to the current version of the database at the time of purchase as well as the version which will be released within a year's time after the purchase.


Why should I extend my maintenance?

  • Gain access to yearly updates of ecoinvent version 3 without even a second thought.


  • Benefit automatically from general improvements to the database which come in addition to the yearly releases, at no additional cost.
  • As well as gaining access to new versions you will still have access to all previous versions, making it easier to compare projects and update these to the next higher version.

How do I extend my maintenance?

Simply send an email to indicating your ecoinvent username and whether you would like to extend your maintenance by 1 or 2 years.

We will respond with a personalised offer to extend your maintenance.

Please note: If you purchased your ecoinvent licence through an LCA software provider please contact the respective provider to extend your ecoinvent maintenance. All leading LCA software providers are resellers of the ecoinvent database.

When does my maintenance start counting?

Your maintenance starts counting when you gain access to ecoinvent version 3. The first year of maintenance is included in the licence price.

If you are not sure whether your maintenance is still valid simply contact us at indicating your ecoinvent username.