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Upgrade to ecoinvent 3

Are you a user of ecoinvent version 2 and would like to upgrade to ecoinvent version 3? You can either upgrade directly through ecoinvent or one of our resellers.

Upgrading directly through ecoinvent


An upgrade will give you access to version 3 including all minor releases, while you can continue to use version 2. The upgrade from ecoinvent 2 to version 3 is priced depending on your license type and includes the first year of maintenance. See our price list for more information.


If you would like to upgrade, please send us an email.




Upgrading through one of our resellers


Have you been using the ecoinvent version 2 database in an LCA software and would like to explore version 3?

Then get in contact with your LCA software provider to request a price for an upgrade to ecoinvent version 3. You will not lose access to version 2 with the upgrade.


All leading LCA software providers are resellers of the ecoinvent database.