Why ecoinvent

Reports based on ecoinvent

ecoinvent is used as a background database for many scientific studies and reports. This pages provides a few examples.

Environmental performance of a cork floating floor

Martha Demertzi et al., 2015 (link to article)



Life cycle assessment of pigmeat production: 

Portuguese case study and proposal of improvement options

Sara Gonzalez-García et al., 2015 (link to article)



Environmental Impact of Buildings - What Matters?

Niko Heeren et al., 2015 (link to article)



Environmental assessment of tropical perennial crops:

the case of the Brazilian cashew

Maria Clea Brito de Figueiredo et al., 2016 (link to article)



Overall Environmental Equipment Effectiveness as a Metric of a Lean and Green Manufacturing System

Rosario Domingo and Sergio Aguado, 2015 (link to article)



Environmental impact analysis of the injection molding process:

analysis of the processing of high-density polyethylene parts

Ana Elduque et al., 2015 (link to article)