The ecoinvent Database

The ecoinvent database provides well documented process data for thousands of products, helping you make truly informed choices about their environmental impact. The latest version, ecoinvent 3.5, builds on all previous versions of the database.

The ecoinvent Database

Benefits of ecoinvent 3

Gain access to ecoinvent 3

The ecoinvent Database

In the past decade, ecoinvent has established itself as a global leader in creating the most transparent life cycle inventory databases. The ecoinvent database helps companies manufacture products more in harmony with the environment, policy makers implement new policies, and consumers adopt more environmentally friendly behaviour.

The current version of the ecoinvent database is ecoinvent version 3.5, which builds on the previous versions of the database. Purchasing an ecoinvent licence will grant you access to ecoinvent version 3 as well as all previous versions (version 1 and version 2) of the database.

Benefits of ecoinvent 3

Regular Updates

ecoinvent version 3 is yearly updated. With the fifth update, which was released in August 2018, over 2'000 new and updated datasets were added for aquaculture and fish capture, waste treatment, aluminium, hard coal, pulp and containerboard.

New & Updated Data

The ecoinvent 3 database offers new and updated datasets in the fields of electricity production, wood sector, recycling activities, chemical production, fruit and vegetables, and many other sectors.

Water Balanced

Consistent modelling of water inputs and outputs throughout the whole database for impact of water use and consumption make it easier to conduct water footprinting analysis.

More System Models

ecoinvent is the only major LCI database supporting three system modelsCut-OffAPOS and Consequential.

New Properties

All products in our database now come with information on physical and other properties, such as dry mass, wet mass, carbon content.

New Global Supply Chains

Version 3 of ecoinvent contains global supply chains for many products, allowing a more integrated perspective on products and processes. All products are therefore also provided by markets.

Gain Access to ecoinvent 3

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Upgrade to ecoinvent 3

You are still using ecoinvent version 2? Time to start exploring version 3! Find out how to upgrade directly with us or through one of our resellers as well as the price list for upgrades.

Yearly Maintenance

The yearly maintenance was introduced with the release of ecoinvent 3 and grants users access to updates of the third version of the database. Yearly Maintenance