New Data in ecoinvent 3.3

PDF Documentation

Comprehensive and easy to access documentation is vital to better understand the dataset you are working with in context. ecoinvent now offers the dataset documentation in a pdf file for every dataset.

Main Features of the PDF Documentation

The pdf documentation contains both unit process information as well as some key impact assessment results, which makes the information in ecoinvent datasets more accessible for users.


To appreciate the full potential of the pdf documentation we have highlighted the main features and advantages taking the example of the pdf documenation for activated carbon production, granular from hard coal.


Example: activated carbon production, granular from hard coal

Access the full pdf documenation

The ID Card of a Dataset

Find out what the dataset is all about at a glance.







New classifcation added

In addition to the ISIC classification all datasets are now also classified according to the commonly used CPC classification. This means you can now search, sort and identify products present in the database more easily.

Who to Contact


Quickly find out who to contact for more information on this specific dataset.

At a Glance


This section provides an overview of the inputs and outputs of the dataset.

Find extensive documentation including tables, flow charts and even pictures here to understand the underlying story of the dataset. The level of detail provided here is currently only available in the pdf documentations, not in ecoQuery.

The most relevant information on a silver platter

As a unique feature of the pdf documentation quickly see how this exchange contributes to different impact scores.

Example of an impact contribution

12% of the global warming score comes from electricity, medium voltage.

Get the answer to: What activity produced the input? 

In this case the answer is: "market for hard coal, PL" produced "hard coal".


Detailed Information
Find more detailed information and sources about the exchange here.

The Most Popular Results at a Glance



Find the impact score for the most popular impact assessment methods at a glance.

All Sources Cited

Find all the sources cited in this dataset in a single section.