ecoinvent 3.5

Known Data issues | ecoinvent 3.5

This page lists all known data errors in ecoinvent version 3.5. We are sorry for any inconvenience these cause and are working hard to eliminate these issues in an upcoming update to the database.

We document these issues openly to make our users aware of these problems and to help them understand the errors so they may work around them while we work on the update and error fix.

Current Known Issues | ecoinvent 3.5

Data issues


  • The air transport datasets currently include an exchange of "ethylene oxide". This emission is incorrect. ecoinvent is preparing an update of air transport which will be available in the next release.


  • During the creation of new regionalized datasets for existing activities, the wrong ISIC was attributed to some datasets. It is therefore possible to find the same activity name associated with two different ISIC. Please find here the list of such datasets and their correct ISIC.
    Please note that this error does not influence any numerical aspects of the database: after the correction, all exchange amounts, LCI and LCIA will remain the same.


  • The production of phosphorus oxychloride is represented in two different activities "phosphoryl chloride production" and "phosphorus oxychloride production". The two activities represent the production of the same product from different processes. We recommend users to consult the general and technology comment fields of the datasets to pick the most relevant technology for their study.


APOS system model issues


  • The APOS system model handles the product classification (mft vs. non-mft) with a local perspective. With the introduction of a large quantity of local markets and local supply chains, this has created distortions of some supply chains which affects the LCIA results in certain cases. To download a full evaluation of the distortion, please consult the file "ecoinvent 3.5_APOS_known issues.xlsx" accessible in the file section of ecoQuery version 3.5. In the cases of the RoW "heat production, untreated waste wood, at furnace 1000-5000 kW", and "heat production, untreated waste wood, at furnace 1000-5000 kW, state-of-the-art 2014" we advise to check the cut-off system model, when those activities are important contributors to your process.


Consequential system model issues


  • Three elementary exchanges are found in the compartment "social". These exchanges can be ignored, both at the unit process and the inventory level, as ecoinvent does not yet account for social impacts.



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