ecoinvent 3.5

New Data in ecoinvent 3.5

The fifth update of ecoinvent version 3 was released on the 23rd of August, 2018. It includes more than 2000 new, revised and updated datasets.

New and Updated Data

Version 3 Commitments

New and Updated Data

Aquaculture and Fish Capture


For the first time, datasets on aquaculture and fish capture are published in ecoinvent. Datasets related to anchovy, hake and tuna capture as well as trout and tilapia aquaculture, were added to the database. Processing into fish meal and oil, as well as fish processing activities, such as canning, curing and freezing, are also included.



Pulp Production and Containerboard


The pulp sector represents the latest primary data on sulfate pulp production, collected by the European Pulp Industry Sector Association. This new data provides a higher level of granularity in the sulfate pulp supply chains. Similarly, the European corrugated board supply chain features the latest data from the Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.




The update of the aluminium supply chain features the latest data, provided by the International Aluminium Institute. This includes electricity production as well as primary and secondary aluminium production for most regions of the world. New regional datasets for some activities provide an even higher resolution and more transparency in this sector.


Waste Treatment


The expansion of the waste sector offers 150 new treatment and disposal activities, including unsanitary landfill, open burning and open dumping. Additionally, 500 new, country specific disposal mixes for common municipal waste fractions are available in 37 European countries, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, India and South Africa.

Hard Coal


Version 3.5 covers more than 95% of the global hard coal supply chains. Import and market datasets depict global trade flows and regional hard coal mixes. New data on coal mining in India and South Africa include different types of mines. Key emissions from mines were updated and consistently implemented for all geographies.


Continuously updated Electricity Sector


Version 3.5 covers close to 100% of (statistically represented) global electricity generation, comprising 142 countries. Current and projected future electricity mixes are available on a country or even more granular, region-specific level. Moreover, new data on concentrated solar power from parabolic trough and solar towers was added.

Version 3 Commitments

Improved Supply Chain Representation


The exisiting supply chains in the database were thoroughly reviewed. As a result, over a thousand links between demanding and supplying activities have been updated, and hundreds of new, regional market datasets have been introduced. With this improvement, supply chains reflect the current reality of global and regional product flows even better.





All products and elementary exchanges in ecoinvent version 3 come with at least six properties, dry mass, wet mass, water in wet mass, water content, carbon content fossil and non fossil. Additionally, every single product in the database has a price that can be used among other things for economic allocation.


System Models


ecoinvent is the only major LCI database supporting three system models: Allocation cut-off by classification, Allocation at the Point of Substitution, and Consequential. In addition, for all version 3 users preferring to have access to unlinked unit processes, ecoinvent offers an undefined version on its website.