ecoinvent 3.5

Report of Changes | ecoinvent 3.5

Since all the new versions of the ecoinvent database build on previous versions it is important to be clear about the changes made between the different versions. 

This section includes the most important documents describing the differences between ecoinvent 3.4 and ecoinvent 3.5.

The written and xls format of the Report of Changes include the following information:

  • new, updated, renamed and deleted datasets (activities)
  • new and updated prices
  • new and updated production volumes
  • new, updated or deleted exchanges
  • updated level of technology

Report of Changes

This report covers all changes made in the ecoinvent database between version 3.4 (2017) and version 3.5 (2018). It describes both the database-wide changes that affect the whole database as well as the specific changes done in different sectors.


Report of Changes | ecoinvent 3.5

Report of Changes XLS

This automatically generated excel file provides you with an overview of changes made on the undefined activities between ecoinvent 3.4 and 3.5.


The Report of Changes XLS is available in the files section of the online version of ecoinvent version 3 to all guests or users of the database.


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Correspondence File

The correspondence file is an excel file summarising all datasets present in version 3.4 and to which term they correspond in version 3.5.


Correpondence File | ecoinvent 3.4 to 3.5