How to Use ecoinvent 3 online

First Login to ecoinvent 3

Finding Out Your Original Username

After purchasing an ecoinvent licence and login on to ecoinvent version 3 for the first time you will be asked to update your profile.


If you were given a default username by your LCA software provider (e.g. PRé, ifu, GreenDelta) please personalise this.

See below examples of what a default username may look like depending on where you purchased your ecoinvent licence:

If you purchased your ecoinvent licence directly at ecoinvent and you don't know your username anymore write to indicating your name and organisation.

Personalising Your Account Settings

You will first be asked to update your account settings. Before clicking on NEXT please verify the following:


If you received a temporary username from your LCA software provider, have you personalised (changed) it?

Is your password granted to be safe? If not please add capital letters, numbers or special signs to improve its security.

Once you have updated your profile and accepted the new EULA (End User Licence Agreement) you will be able to start working with ecoinvent version 3.


End User Licence Agreement