How to Use ecoinvent 3 online

This user guide aims to get you off to a flying start with using the latest version of the ecoinvent databases, ecoinvent 3, online.

How to Use ecoinvent 3 Online

New to ecoinvent 3? This page provides you with essential information on how to use the ecoinvent database version 3 online.


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The primary way to access the ecoinvent database is via our website. At the top of every page you will find the link Login Databases. There you can log in with your licence details.


Should you not have a licence to the ecoinvent database, you can still register for free as a guest. As a guest user you have limited access to the data but can acquire a first overview of the ecoinvent database and its contents. Find out more here.

How To Use ecoinvent - Step by Step

First Login to ecoinvent 3


After purchasing an ecoinvent licences and login on to ecoinvent version 3 for the first time you will be asked to update your profile. If you were given a default username by your LCA software provider (e.g. PRé, ifu, GreenDelta) please personalise this. Learn more

Searching for Datasets


Once you have logged into the database section, you can search the database for different activities and products. To do this, click on Database Search. You will find a search window and a selection of system models. The first is called Undefined, this is the raw source data of the ecoinvent database. Here you can see the datasets as they are originally, before linking and allocation. Learn more

Viewing Datasets


In the dataset view, you can view the datasets in the three different view types UPR, LCI and LCIA. In all view types, at the top of the dataset display you will see 2 buttons. Learn more

Downloading a Dataset


After datasets have been added to the download basket, you can access the basket by clicking on Download Basket. You can initiate the downloading of your files by clicking Download. Your datasets will be prepared for download in the ecoSpold2 format. Learn more

Viewing Files & Reports


In the Files section, you can download various files that allow you an easy access to the ecoinvent data in spreadsheet form. This includes excel files for the aggregated LCI datasets and the cumulative LCIA results for all datasets in all system models. Learn more

LCI Datasets & LCIA Results


With the LCI datasets and LCIA results available directly through the web interface or in the spreadsheets from the Files section, you can easily combine different products of the ecoinvent database to perform simple analyses. Learn more