How to Use ecoinvent 3 online

LCI Datasets & LCIA Results

With the LCI datasets and LCIA results available directly through the web interface or in the spreadsheets from the Files section, you can easily combine different products of the ecoinvent database to perform simple analyses.


For example, you can combine the IPCC Global Warming Potential results taken from the spreadsheet for the 3 products steel, polyethylene and printed wiring board and scale them to the right amounts to get a fast result for the Global Warming Potential of a simple electronic component.


You could of course also look up the LCIA results for the 3 via the web interface and combine them then. While LCIA software tools provide many advanced features for analysis and assessment, a significant section of our users also use the ecoinvent data directly or via simple tools or macros they have set up themselves. If you are interested in experimenting with the data in this way, simply download the spreadsheets from the Files section and you're set!


Another option is to use the aggregated LCI dataset to perform your own Life Cycle Impact Assessment, using your own characterization factors or adapting an existing LCIA method to your needs. For this, the LCI spreadsheets provide the aggregated elementary flows for all the products and activities in the ecoinvent database.