How to Use ecoinvent 3 online

In the dataset view, you can view the datasets in the three different view types UPR, LCI and LCIA. In all view types, at the top of the dataset display you will see 2 buttons.


One is labelled Go to Undefined UPR and lets you view the corresponding dataset in the undefined view, i.e. before linking and allocation.


The other is labelled Add item to basket and allows you to add the dataset to your download basket. In allocation-based system models, the UPR datasets will additionally display a button labelled Show Pre Allocation Dataset.


This button allows you to see the dataset after linking but before allocation. Below, you will see a "Link to:" line, where you can directly jump to different sections of the dataset.

Each dataset has the following sections:


  • Activity Information: Contains all general information, documentation and meta-data of the dataset.


  • Exchanges: Contains the actual exchanges of the dataset with the technosphere and biosphere.


  • Exchange properties: For each exchange, the corresponding properties are listed in this section.


  • Cumulative LCIA results (in LCIA view only): This section lists the LCIA results for the LCIA methods implemented in the ecoinvent database.

For each exchange, exchange property, LCIA result and parameter, you can display additional information by clicking on the small plus symbol (+) next to the name. This will display the additional information, which can be closed again by clicking on the minus symbol (-). In the image below, the exchange for sulphate emissions to water has been opened.