Introduction to ecoinvent Version 3

One of the main features of version 3 is that we have been able to separate the actual process data from the modelling choices (such as dealing with multi-output processes via allocation or system expansion, specific allocation choices and so on). This allows us to use more than one set of modelling choices on the same datasets and to calculate what the database looks like with these choices. We call these different versions of the database system models. This means, and this is important, that for ecoinvent version 3, there will be more than one version of the database.


In the past, users have reported that their choice of goal and scope was not always compatible with the modelling choices in ecoinvent and that this put them in a difficult situation. We are therefore happy to say that we can now offer multiple system models to support a more varied set of goal definitions.


With version 3, we are publishing a consequential system model in addition to our default allocation system model. If the approach of version 2 still satisfies your needs and you do not plan to change the procedure for multi-output processes in your LCA calculations, we recommend that you use the default allocation model. We will continue to carefully add further system models in the future.


More Information on the System Models