Older Versions of the Database

ecoinvent 3.0

We are proud to have released ecoinvent version 3.0, the third major release in our long history, in May 2013. The third version of the database offers several exciting new features as well as new and updated datasets.

All relevant files for ecoinvent 3.0

Report of Changes

Changes from ecoinvent version 2.2 to ecoinvent version 3.0 have been documented in detail in form of change reports and correspondence files.

Latest Update ecoinvent 3.2

Updates of the third version of the ecoinvent database are published on a regular basis including new and updated data, the latest one being ecoinvent 3.2 which was released on the 30th November 2015. More information on ecoinvent 3.2

Known Data Issues

We document the known data issues in ecoinvent 3.01 openly to make our users aware of these problems and to help them understand the errors so they may work around them while we work on the update and error fix.