Older Versions of the Database

ecoinvent 3.2

The second update of ecoinvent version 3 broadens and deepens the scope of the already existing data.

Version 3.2 was released on the 30th November 2015. This release provides a further update of the electricity sector, data on refrigerated transport and new international data for several sectors. It also introduced market groups for regions, countries and products.


All relevant files for ecoinvent 3.2

New Data and Features

The electricity sector has been updated to include the newest grid mixes and available data on electricity production. Refrigerated transport, cement and wood are just some of the areas which received updated data.


Market groups, a new type of dataset, have been added to facilitate the readability and modification of datasets.


New Data & Features in ecoinvent 3.2

Report of Changes

Since all the new versions of the ecoinvent database build on previous versions it is important to be clear about the changes made between the different versions.

This page includes the most important documents describing the differences between ecoinvent 3.1 and ecoinvent 3.2.


Report of Changes | ecoinvent 3.2

Known Data Issues

This section lists all known data errors in ecoinvent version 3.2. We are working hard on eliminating these for upcoming update to the database.


We document these issues openly to warn our users about these problems and to help them understand the errors so they may work around them while we work on the update and error fix.


Known Data Issues | ecoinvent 3.2