Older Versions of the Database

ecoinvent Version 2

The first version of ecoinvent 2 was released in 2007. Already at that time the ecoinvent database had become one of the most recognised LCI databases worldwide. Find out more about this older version of the database here.

Methodology of ecoinvent 2

An overview of the most important methodological reports on which ecoinvent version 2 is based.

Reports on ecoinvent 2

A comprehensive overview available of all ecoinvent version 2 reports and where to find them.

How to Use ecoinvent 2

Are you using ecoinvent 2 online for the first time? Then this user guide should get you going.

ecoinvent 2.2 and onwards

The latest update of the ecoinvent version 2.2 database was released in 2010. 


The ecoinvent version 2.2 database includes international industrial life cycle inventory data on energy supply, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals, metals, agriculture, waste management services, and transport services.


In 2013 ecoinvent released ecoinvent 3, its third major release in its long history. The ecoinvent version 3 database builds on ecoinvent 2.2 and therefore includes all datasets of the previous version whilst also containing numerous new and updated datasets. The latest version of the database is based on a new methodology and gives the users the choice of different system models.