ecoinvent Version 2

Methodology of ecoinvent 2

This page provides you with an overview of the most important methodological reports on which ecoinvent version 2 is based.

Overview & Methodology

The Overview & Methodology report for ecoinvent version 2 describes the general structure of the ecoinvent database version 2.

ecoinvent 2 Overview & Methodology Report

Code of Practice

This document provides an overview of the database contents. It recommends which data to use for different purposes and how to work with ecoinvent 2.


ecoinvent 2 Code of Practice

LCIA Methods in ecoinvent 2

Methodological questions concerning the linking of Life Cycle Impact Assessment methods with elementary flows in ecoinvent 2 are addressed in this report.


Implementation of LCIA Methods in ecoinvent 2.2

Report of Changes

Change Report ecoinvent 2.2


Document listing all changes made in data and impact assessment methods between ecoinvent version 2.1 (2009) and version 2.2 (2010).


Change Report ecoinvent 2.2