EcoDesign Tools

EcoDesign Tools are simplified LCA software tools. The following were developed using ecoinvent data in the background.

Using ecoinvent data in your ecoDesign tool

EcoDesign Tools Based on ecoinvent

These are just a few of the EcoDesign tools relying on either ecoinvent version 2 or version 3 data.

Granta Design Solutions


Granta Design solutions include GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence – tools to apply a comprehensive database of materials engineering, process, and eco data in order to assess environmental impact and risks in products and product designs.



Granta Design



Makersite is the largest, integrated product management platform on the web. That includes all-in-one data, apps and community for eco-design and product stewardship. Made for entrepreneurs, engineers and product teams. Join for free if you make, buy, sell or research products.







EcodEX is an eco-design software that allows food companies to improve the sustainability of their new products or existing portfolio, in a cost-effective and simple way. EcodEX allows product developers to easily make a sustainability assessment of a product, based on the evaluation of carbon footprint, water use, energy use, land use and other criteria.




One Click LCA 


One Click LCA is the only LCA software to ever receive a Mat 01 100% rating for BREEAM and is compliant with more than 20 other Green Building certifications, including LEED, DGNB, and Energie Carbone. Thanks to our easy to use interface and BIM automation, you can calculate your building's Life-Cycle Assessment in one hour.




Paper Metrics®


Paper Metrics® is an IT application developed by Ecofolio, the French Paper PRO (Produce Responsibility Organisation), a non-profit private company entrusted by French authorities. Ecofolio is responsible for paper recycling in France. Suppliers of printed products traditionally include information on quality, cost and deadlines on their quotations. Thanks to Paper Metrics®, the quotations will now also feature the environmental footprint of the product.




Air.e HdC


Air.e HdC is a professional software tool designed for Carbon Footprint experts to help them in calculating and assessing GHG emissions of organizations, products, services, events, and projects using a life cycle approach. Air.e HdC has been developed to follow international standards such as ISO 14040, PAS 2050, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, ISO 14064 and ISO 14069.




European Residual Mixes


European Residual Electricity Mixes are needed for reliable disclosure of electricity consumption where Guarantees of Origin are not used. Consumers can demand electricity based on the electricity's environmental attributes (e.g. origin and GHG emissions) through the voluntary purchase of GOs. According to the Electricity Market Directive, all electricity suppliers are required to disclose their electricity portfolio, specifying the emissions of CO2 and the amount of radioactive waste.



AIB & Ostfold Research



CORINE , a web-based ecodesign tool, quickly assesses the environmental profile of products and facilitates the integration of the ecodesign approach in companies - from SME's to large companies - thanks to an ergonomic design. The platform incorporates a supply chain vision by sharing projects with partners and thus helping collaborative decision making.






ECODESIGN+ is a web application for the assessment of the product carbon footprint developed by the ECODESIGN company. Its intuitive structure follows a life cycle thinking approach, by showing the product's life cycle stages for materials, manufacture, distribution, use, and end of life. ECODESIGN+ uses ecoinvent data and can interoperate with CAD programs for product modelling.




Instant LCA Packaging


Instant LCA Packaging™ is an innovative eco-design and eco-labeling tool, enabling non-experts to easily and instantly evaluate the environmental impacts of their packaging. The first tool to use pre-integrated LCA models based on ISO standards and recognised LCA databases, it guarantees reliable results.



RDC Environment

Bilan Produit


Bilan Produit is a free tool helping to assess and therefore reduce the environmental impact of a product. 






CCaLC is the umbrella term of a number of carbon footprinting tools for calculating and reducing the carbon footprints of different industrial sectors along complete supply chains.



University of Manchester



Eco-Bat 4.0 is an independant tool with which you can very quicky model a building and perform a thorough life cycle impacts assessment.






novaEQUER is an LCA tool based on the description of a district / building, the behaviour of its occupants and the dynamic thermal simulations by Pleiades+COMFIE.






Klimatkalkyl is the Swedish transport administration's model for energy and climate calculations of transport infrastructure in a life cycle perspective. It can be used as a tool for decision support, as basis for project improvements, and for providing consistent following-up of projects and plans.



Swedish Transport Administration

CO2Print Modeler


CO2Print Modeler is web based Carbon Footprint modelling platform that enables user to calculate the company's GHG inventory and product carbon footprint, prepare the GHG emissions reporting, and spot the major emission elements and areas for emission reduction. It makes it visual and understandable for all – your managers, stakeholders, business and independent verification and certification bodies.



CO2print LLC

LCA Calculator


The LCA Calculator is a fast, user-friendly, life cycle analysis software, that helps designers and engineers to understand, analyse and compare environmental impacts of their products to help make 'greener' design decisions. Key Benefits include: Quick carbon footprint analysis, easy to understand, comparable results, cloud based life cycle software - nothing to install.



LCA Calculator Ltd



LCA4Waste is a decision support tool to analyse and compare the environmental impact of waste management in energy intensive industries and in dedicated waste treatment processes. It is a Microsoft Excel-based computer program available free of charge (with a reduced set of LCIA indicators; based on ecoinvent v2.2), developed by the Chair of Ecological Systems Design, ETH Zurich. Aveny GmbH was assigned to maintain the tool.



Ecological System Design, ETH Zurich

Aveny GmbH



PackageSmart LCA helps packaging designers to evaluate the environmental impacts of their design decisions and clearly depict where and what changes could be made. For some this may bring focus to durability and re-use and for others lightweighting or biodegradeability. EarthShift Global has developed a simplified LCA software, PackageSmart, that speaks the language of Packaging Designers and allows them to easily compare design as well as material decisions during the conception phase when the cost of change is still low.



EarthShift Global



EarthSmart is a flexible, web-based tool for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - evaluating the environmental impacts of a product or service across its entire life cycle, from raw materials to disposal and recycling. EarthSmart LCA software has the power, depth, and rigor demanded by sustainability practitioners, and user-friendliness that makes it accessible to people from almost any discipline. It's the optimized path to effective, unified action towards your specific sustainability goals.



EarthShift Global

Creating an EcoDesign Tool on the Basis of ecoinvent

If you are interested in creating an EcoDesign Tool using ecoinvent data please contact us at to discuss the possibilities of using ecoinvent data for your tool.


As stated in the EULA (7.3 Restrictions of use) users are not entitled to reproduce, disseminate or publicly display any significant portions of the ecoinvent database or the ecoinvent datasets. An additional agreement is therefore required to base your EcoDesign Tool on ecoinvent data.


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