Become a Reseller

ecoinvent is always looking to add valuable LCA software providers to our pool of resellers. Become an ecoinvent reseller to develop new opportunities and reach new target markets.

Benefits of ecoinvent resellers

How to become an ecoinvent reseller

Benefits of ecoinvent Resellers

Reseller Discount


Profit from fixed reseller discounts on all licence prices, maintenance fees and upgrade prices.

Order in Bulk


Every licence comes with additional 3 months maintenance. Profit from the flexibility to pre-order licences in bulk and immediately respond to your customers' demands.

Order First, Pay Later


As a reseller you receive the requested licence codes within 24 hours of placing the purchase order. The corresponding invoice may be paid within 30 days.

How to Become an ecoinvent Reseller

Any LCA software provider using ecoinvent as its background database is eligible to become a reseller of the ecoinvent database. The ecoinvent team will support you in the implementation process and regular reseller news updates and meetings will keep you up to speed on the latest developments


Please contact our Head of Sales & Business Development, Fadri Casty, for more detailed information.