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PRé Sustainability | Case Studies 
ifu Hamburg | Case Studies

Carbotech | Case Studies

PRé Sustainability | Case Studies

Developing Advanced Sustainability Profiles


The International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.) wanted to determine a set of minimum criteria for products to meet to be considered sustainable. More

Understanding Environmental Impacts of Plastics


Plastics producer Lucite wanted to understand its environmental impacts, triggered by a request from a plastics industry association for data on two types of plastics Lucite makes. More

ifu Hamburg | Case Studies

Adventures of a TV Cable


This comparative life cycle assessment done by Solvay SA with the software Umberto illustrates the ecological benefit of the PVC recycling process VinyLoop®. More

LCA of Pipe Systems

HOBAS Engineering (Austria) and Reichhold A/S (Norway) are cooperating in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) pipe systems using Umberto. More

CO2 Balances at BRITA GmbH

The manufacturer of water filtration system from Taunusstein, Germany, commissioned the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management to do a CO2 balance for an exemplary countertop water filtration system. More

Carbotech | Case Studies

11 Recycling Systems Switzerland

Analysis of ecological benefit of 11 different recycling systems in Switzerland using the LCA methodology. The main challenge was to model the system expansion in a reasonable and correct way. For this case we had to adapt, change and correct many of the already existing evoinvent inventories. More

LCA on Biomass Recovery


System modelling and assessment of material use of green waste, taking heavy metals into account. Different ways of treating biowaste were examined to provide decision support to the optimal process to exploit biowaste. More

LCA and Eco-Design for Elevator Systems


LCA of elevator systems, development of a tool for eco-design and evaluation of obtained improvements. Over 50% reduction of elevators impacts was recorded. The study formed the basis for communication of environmental performance of products in EPDs. More