Implementation of ecoinvent 3

Are you wondering when or which update of ecoinvent version 3 your LCA software will or have implemented? Find out here what our resellers have to say on the subject!

ecoinvent Version 3 in Your LCA Software



PRé is proud to present the new release of the world's leading LCA software, SimaPro 8, equipped with an updated database.


Important differences from the previous version include the introduction of regionalized water footprint methods, the new ecoinvent 3 database and a completely new calculation engine to accommodate the significantly larger database ecoinvent version 3.


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ecoinvent 3 has been available for the professional LCA software "openLCA" since December of 2013. The latest version 3.3 of ecoinvent is available as well, GreenDelta was pleased to announce its release on 15 September 2016.


ecoinvent licences (v2.2 & v3.3) for use in openLCA are available at the openLCA Nexus website. Here you can purchase and download databases converted especially for use with openLCA. The licenses include full access to the ecoinvent website and one year of maintenance.




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ecoinvent 3.3 is shipped with Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal as integrated master database. Activity datasets are available as unit process (UPR) and system terminated datasets (LCI). Activity datasets are available for the three system models 'Substitution, consequential, long-term', 'Allocation at the point of substitution' and 'Allocation, cut-off by classification'


ifu also offers ecoinvent trainings. Details and the next training dates are available at ecoinvent Umberto Trainings.



ifu Hamburg

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thinkstep has fully integrated the unit and cradle to gate processes from the ecoinvent database version "ecoinvent v.3.1 2014, Allocation, cut-off by classification" in the GaBi database format by mapping the flow nomenclature and all relevant impact information.


For more information on GaBi Software and Databases, please visit the thinkstep website.




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Since its market launch in 1993 REGIS enables companies to analyse and control their Corporate EcoPerfomance. With the REGIS version including ecoinvent 3 users can perform LCA - with special focus on Company-LCA - with regionalised LCI/LCIA.




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The latest ecoinvent 3.1 is available in eBalance since January, 2015. Datasets are available as unit process (UPR) and aggregated process (LCI). It is also compatible with the Chinese Core Life Cycle Database (CLCD). eBalance can import and export ecoinvent version 3.1 files in the ecoSpold2 data format.


For more details please refer to the IKE website.



IKE Environment Technology

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EIME integrates ecoinvent v.3 within the software, converted to the ILCD compliant EIME nomenclature, to be used along all other datasets. Additional ecodesign information such as LHV or recycling rate has been added to provide users with more in-depth analyses of their products, such as material composition and energy flows inventory.


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Bureau Veritas CODDE

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TEAM 5.2


PwC is planning the automatic import of the ecoinvent 3 database to the TEAM 5 software. The aggregated ecoinvent version 3 data and their related unit process will be converted into TEAM nomenclature. Availability of ecoinvent version 3 in TEAM will be announced on the PwC website and will be communicated directly to TEAM 5 users.




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Quantis SUITE 2.0


Please contact Quantis for more information on the implementation of ecoinvent version 3 in Quantis SUITE 2.0.




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