The LCA software providers listed below are resellers of ecoinvent and offer their software together with ecoinvent data.

You work with an LCA software and use ecoinvent as a background database? Contact the respective LCA software provider to get a price quote for ecoinvent embedded in the LCA software.

LCA Software and Provider



SimaPro is the world's leading LCA software chosen by industry, research institutes, and consultants in more than 80 countries. For more than 20 years, SimaPro offers state-of-the-art features that LCA experts would expect from a professional LCA software package.



PRé Sustainability 

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Air.e LCA


Air.e LCA includes all the features needed in a professional LCA tool, with a competitive price and a great learning curve. Users can create complex Life Cycles, like Environmental Footprints, in an easy and transparent way. Air.e LCA is designed thinking in the best user experience and includes powerful tools for the LCA expert.




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openLCA is world-wide the only free, open source LCA software that can be used for professional ecological, social and economical life cycle assessments. Among other things, openLCA can be used for LCAs, carbon & water footprints, eco-design, environmental product declarations, life cycle costing and social life cycle assessment. For more information visit the openLCA website.




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The versions Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal come bundled with the ecoinvent database. ifu also offers ecoinvent trainings. Details and the next training dates are available at ecoinvent Umberto Trainings 



ifu Hamburg

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GaBi Software


Experts at thinkstep fully integrate the unit and cradle-to-gate processes from the ecoinvent database in the GaBi database format by mapping the flow nomenclature and all relevant impact information.




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Since its market launch in 1993 REGIS enables companies to analyse and control their Corporate EcoPerfomance. With the REGIS version including ecoinvent 3 users can perform LCA - with special focus on Company-LCA - with regionalised LCI/LCIA.




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eBalance is a full-featured LCA software, developed by IKE Environmental Technology and shipped with Chinese and global high-quality databases. The eBalance package is a professional tool for LCA studies of all kinds of products. It is the best choice for LCAs of products manufactured in China and has been chosen by more than 1000 users from China and the world.



IKE Environment Technology

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EIME v5 is an industry and non-expert-oriented LCA software. Its simplicity and ergonomic interface enables all users to perform detailed analyses while reducing their complexity and resource needs. Its ecodesign functions allow it to be a real decision-making solution.




Bureau Veritas CODDE

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Quantis SUITE


Quantis SUITE 2.0, a web-based software, provides a user-friendly interface for product and company-wide LCA modelling. Software-integrated modules for water footprinting and ecodesign are at hand.




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TEAM 5.2


The TEAM™ 5.2 LCA software is a powerful and flexible tool allowing to build and use large databases representing the operations associated with products and processes and perform their related LCA.




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iPoint Compliance Agent LCA Module


The iPoint Compliance Agent LCA module analyses the environmental performance of your products. It collects and combines the relevant data from the supplier network and internal production as well as data from the use phase and recycling and reuse objectives. That way companies get an overview of potential environmental risks and improvements.



iPoint & KERP

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LifeCycle Tracker


Whether you want to make your own quick assessment of carbon content within your product, to carry out eco-design or to complete a full PAS2050 analysis, the LifeCycle TrackerTM delivers highly affordable & authoritative performance.



Carbon Footprint

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Aveny LCA 2


Aveny LCA 2 is a full-featured LCA solution with an intuitive user interface and elaborate workflow for minimal training requirements.




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