Documents & Files

This page offers you an overview of the most important documents and files available on the ecoinvent website and where to find them.

Information on ecoinvent 3

A comprehensive list of documents and files for each of the yearly releases of ecoinvent 3.

Information on ecoinvent 2

Essential background information on Version 2 and how to access version 2 reports available exclusively in the report section.

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications for ecoinvent version 3, providing users with essential background information on the underlying methodology.

General Information on ecoinvent 3

The following documents, files and videos provide both users completely new to ecoinvent and seasoned version 3 users with the relevant information to get the most out of the latest version of the database. Documents and files related to specific yearly releases can be found here.

For users new to ecoinvent


ecoinvent in a Nutshell

Grasp the essentials in as little as 2 minutes.


Introduction to ecoinvent 3 for Existing Users

A basic and short introduction to ecoinvent 3 for existing ecoinvent 2 users


Presentation on ecoinvent 3

A short presentation introducing ecoinvent 3

For experienced ecoinvent 3 users


Data Quality Guidelines for ecoinvent 3

A document describing the methodology behind the modelling of ecoinvent 3 


Allocation, ecoinvent Default System Model

A short video providing a basic understanding on how the linking in the APOS system model works.

Substitution, Consequential, Long-Term

A short video providing a basic understanding on how the linking in the consequential system model works.


Default Transport Assumptions

A document describing the model behind default transport present in the markets. 

List of Geographies Present in ecoinvent 3 (updated April 2019)

An excel file listing all the geographical locations, shortcuts, coordinates and overlaps.