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Would you like to know exactly what information an ecoinvent dataset contains? The following pdf documentations provide you with all the information you would find in an ordinary ecoinvent version 3 dataset.

2 Example Datasets before Linking, and with the 3 System Models

ecoinvent is the only major LCI database supporting three system models: Cut-Off, APOS and Consequential. All datasets are therefore also provided in all of these system models. View and download the example ecoinvent version 3.2 datasets for free.

Setup of an ecoinvent Dataset



Every dataset represents one activity (for example "cotton production" is a transforming activity that represents the production of cotton fibre).


  • at least one reference product (such as "cotton fibre")
  • metadata (description and documentation of the dataset, including a description of sources and the modelling approach to create the dataset)
  • a list of all relevant intermediate exchanges, "from" and "to" the Technosphere (such as input of "electricity, low voltage" or "diesel")
  • a list of all relevant elementary exchanges, "from" and "to" the Environment (such as carbon dioxide, emissions to air and other emissions, land occupation and transformation)



Each dataset has the following sections:


  • Activity Information: Contains all general information, documentation and metadata of the dataset.
  • Exchanges: Contains the actual exchanges of the dataset with the technosphere and biosphere.
  • Exchange properties: For each exchange, the corresponding properties are listed in this section.
  • Cumulative LCIA results (in LCIA view only): This section lists the LCIA results for the LCIA methods implemented in the ecoinvent database.


More information on viewing ecoinvent datasets in ecoQuery.

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