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Written on 23.04.2019 by akalima see context


I would like to see, in detail, how the unit process of wood chips was built -to understand the allocation process for this by-product (under Wood>By-products>transformation> wood chips, wet, measured as dry-mass (DE), softwood forestry, pine, sustainable forest management, APOS U). 

I would like to change the allocation process for the wood chips, but before changing it I want to understand in detail how it was modelled in the first place. In our case, the wood chips are a by-product of wood plank production. Thus, I will do an economic allocation for the energy used during the wood plank production between wood plank and wood chips. Whereas, in terms of the carbon that gets stored inside the wood, I would like to allocate it based on mass, instead of price. 

On the databases, I couldn't find a detailed report that gives more information than what is already provided in the documentation on SimaPro. The PDF file doesn't get into detail about the allocation details. 

Could you please help me about where to find a detailed explanation of how this process is modelled to help me proceed with the allocations?

Note: I am using ecoinvent database on an LCA software (SimaPro). I use the version 3.4.


Written on 18.04.2019 by luciavalsasina see context

Dear Joana, 


The information regarding the weight and load of passenger cars can be found in the parameters section of the dataset. To access parameter, please consult the data in ecoQuery (ecoinvent online). Read here if you never accessed before. 


There is no automatic way to change the load factor for transport passenger cars in ecoinvent. You can though look into the mathematical relationship used to calculated amount of exchanges (once again access the dataset on ecoQeury, by clinking on an exchange you will be able to see the mathematical formula as well as the comment). 


I hope this helps. 

If you are having trouble accessing ecoQuery, you can send me an email at (screenshots can be of help).


Best regards, 

Lucia Valsasina, Junior Project Manager, ecoinvent

Written on 15.04.2019 by joana.b see context

 Hello everybody

I would like to model the transport of a product by a consumer car. But I can't find any data for that. All ecoinvent processes with cars only deals with the transport of passengers.

And the smaller vehicle for cargo transport is a light commercial vehicle.

Does anybody have an idea ? Or allready modelled that ?

Thanks a lot,


Written on 10.04.2019 by Ekoteknik see context


I have a question regarding the information on the system model "allocation cut-off by classification. (Found here:

In the text you write " A full list of all products and their classificcations is available on the Ecoinvent website"  Where can I find his list?



Jonas Jonasson


Written on 10.04.2019 by Avraam.Symeonidis see context

Dear Nadine,

Please have a look in our dedicated page in the FAQs about markets and how they can be used. In ecoquery you cannot see the different life cycle phases.

Best regards,

Avraam Symeonidis,

Data analyst, ecoinvent


Written on 10.04.2019 by Nadine see context


If I'm using global market data, is it still possible to see the life cycle impacts based on different phases, such as extraction, production and so on?

Thanks in advance,


Written on 08.04.2019 by Nadine see context

Hello Avraam,

Thanks for replying to me. Unfortunately, there is an error in the link provided. Just to clarify, when I use market value for a life cycle assessment, do i need to model a waste treatment activity in addition to for example Copper{GLO}|market for|U,S S/U , or not??

Thanks a lot



Written on 05.04.2019 by Avraam.Symeonidis see context

Dear Nadine,


Thank you for the thread and welcome to the ecoinvent forum. Yes the market also includes all the wastes associated with the production of the copper. You can read more about markets in our FAQs about markets, which you can directly find here:


Best regards,

Avraam Symeonidis,

Data analyst, ecoinvent.

Written on 04.04.2019 by Florentine Brunner see context

Dear user,

we checked in SimaPro, ecoinvent version 3.5, system model cut-off, the market for electricity, low voltage LV and are able to find it (both when using the search function with the "show as list" feature applied, or by navigating in the drop-down menu to Energy>Electricity Country Mix> Low Voltage > Market.)Is it perhaps another system model, database or software version you are using? If that is not the case, I'd kindly ask you to get in touch with SimaPro directly.

Kind regards,

Florentine Brunner,

Data Analyst, ecoinvent

Written on 03.04.2019 by AndaFG see context

Dear Flroentine,

Thank you for the answer.

I did find the files you mentioned. I`m interested in low voltage electricity. I also did find the  Ecoinvent 3.5 dataset documentation with name "market for electricity, low voltage" with geography LV (Latvia). However, I was still unable to find this LV low voltage dataset in the the SimaPro. What am I missing?

In general the only thing SimaPro finds with LV is ELCD datasets related for energy for Latvia.

I hope you are able to help me. Thank you!