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the unit of acidification H+ mol-eq vs SO2 kg-eq

Written on: 04.12.2018#1


Dear Ecoinvent team,

As title, I have encountered this problem when I was trying to compare the LCA results of different chemicals. 

One used ReCiPe midpoint, the other used TRACI

The unit of the former is SO2 kg-eq, and that of the latter is H+ mol-eq


Is there any method that I can convert one of the units into the other one?

If so, any literature supports it?


Thank you and best,


Written on: 06.12.2018#2


Hi Chi-Hung,


those are two completely different methodologies. You can not compare the those.

However, you can calculate the LCA of these chemicals yourself and observe the differences in results of the two methods.

You shoud not compare LCA results of two studies anyways