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radish production

Written on: 04.12.2018#1


Dear Ecoinvent team,

the dataset 'radish production' has an input of 50.8 MJ heat. This leads to a GWP around 10 kg CO2eq.

That has to be an error, right?


Written on: 05.12.2018#2


I looked up the background data and indeed, it says 50.8 MJ/kg, as it is produced in a heated greenhouse.

I highly doubt that much radish is produced in a heated greenhouse, as this is usually not the case for root vegetables

Written on: 05.12.2018#3

Dear Bernhard,

Thank you for your post. Yes, indeed the dataset describes a greenhouse production. We currently do not have a respective production for open field radish production. 

Best regards,

Avraam Symeonidis,

Data analyst, ecoinvent

Written on: 06.12.2018#4


Hi Avraam,

thank you for your response! I am sorry I did not make myself clear. My point was that as someone who is (a little) familiar with agriculture I don't understand why root vegetables would grow in a heated greenhouse.

It would be similar to grow carrots in a heated greenhouse...

It's not made clear in the primary source either how they come with such a scenario