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Current electricity mix

Written on: 07.01.2019#1



i want to take the current electricity mix of germany for my calculation (for example the average electricity mix in 2018).

Is there any possibility to change the parameters of the ecoinvent electricity production processes to adapt the electricity mix?


Thank you very much


Written on: 07.01.2019#2


Dear Simon, 


I am not sure I fully understand your question. To provide you with a helpful answer I would need to know:


1) Is your aim changing the shares of technologies contributing to the electricity mix of Germany (i.e x% coal, y% wind, etc.)?


2) To better support you on how you can use ecoinvent data, I need to know how you are using ecoinvent, eg. Software (SimaPro, Umberto, etc.), ecoinvent website, etc.


3) Which version of ecoinvent are you using (e.g. version 3.4, 3.5, etc.)


In the meantime, you can also consult the following FAQs: How are electricity market mixes modelled? & How can I see the technology mix of an electricity market?.


Thank you. 

Best regards, 

Lucia Valsasina, Data analyst, ecoinvent

Written on: 19.01.2019#3


Dear Lucia,

Thank you for your answer.

1) Yes, I would like to take the latest electricity mix from Germany (19 % wind, etc.)

2) I am using the software Umberto

3) Version 3.3 (2016)

I would also like to model my LCA with a possible future energy mix (much more renewable energy).


Best regards,