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Sewage sludge

Written on: 09.01.2019#1


Hi, it seems there is no process available for treatment of sewage sludge in landfill for ecoinvent 3... Is there any alternative I can use? Thank you very much in advance.

Written on: 10.01.2019#2


Dear user, 


In ecoinvent 3, sewage sludge treatment is available by anaerobic digestion and by municipal incineration (with or without fly ash extraction). 


Depending on the aim of your study, you might consider looking into treatment of other types of sludges. You can download the activity overview, undefined, an excel listing all activities and products in the selected release of ecoinvent, and filter in the "product name" column for sludge.


Best regards, 

Lucia Valsasina, data analyst, ecoinvent

Written on: 25.01.2019#3


Hi Lucia,


Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.


Best Regards,