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Background information/documentation on forestry

Written on: 17.01.2019#1



I am new to ecoinvent, but very interested in using it for assessments related to forestry and forest products. However, I need the background information/documentation to see if ecoinvent is relevant to my specific case. Is the documentation behind activities like hard wood forestry and soft wood forestry available and can it be found here on the web page?

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Written on: 17.01.2019#2

Dear Niclas,


Thank you for your thread. You can create a guest-user account and have a deeper look in the datasets but also in the documentation relevant to those datasets. Based on the information given by your side, I suggest you have a look in report No 9 “Life Cycle Inventories of Wood as Fuel and Construction Material”. There you can find many information and resources that were used to create the datasets (related to wood) we have in ecoinvent. You can also check the datasets themselves but as a guest user you will not have access to the results. Please also note that, by creating a guest-user account automatically means that you accept our terms of use. In case you have further questions please do text us, we will be glad to assist you.


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