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Water footprint

Written on: 17.01.2019#1


We have recently started to work with the database and we are pleasantly surprised with the large amount of information provided.

In this sense we are a bit lost when selecting this information for the purposes of our research.

Specific,  we would need to have a direct value of the water footprint (both blue and grey) of a specific list of products incorporated in the Housing construction activities (concrete, steel,  sand, glass, wood, etc.).

Could you please tell us the fastest and easiest way to access this information?.

I mean are these information alerady computed in the database or should we aplied the rought data to estimate the WF trough an specific model?

Thank you in advance,

Written on: 21.01.2019#2

Dear Julián,


Water footprinting is based on regionalized life cycle impact assessment methods, i.e. methods that assign different characterization factors depending on the location where the use of water takes place.


Currently, ecoinvent does not include regionalized impact assessment methods and therefore does not provide water footprint scores. It is technically possible to calculate them from the data that is provided in the database, but would require some effort (and the approach may vary depending on the water footprinting method that is chosen).


Alternatively, and probably it's the fastest way, some LCA software providers have in the recent years implemented water footprint methods in their software, and have applied these methods to the ecoinvent database. You would however need to check which water footprinting methods are implemented in the different softwares, as several different methods have been developed over time.


Best regards, David FitzGerald

Data Analyst


Written on: 30.01.2019#3


Thanks a lot, David

That's what I suspect, but as I had seen some direct figures about  direct and indirect  water content for some products I didn't want to spent time re-producing calculations already included in the database.