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Changing the photovoltaic, 570kWp open ground installation Dataset

Written on: 31.01.2019#1




I want to change the Dataset " electricity production, photovoltaic, 570kWp open ground installation, multi-Si {RoW} " so it fits to the federal state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

As there is another global radiation in this area, the input of the photovoltaic plant has to be adopted (original value: 6,08*10^-8).

I have data for the annual global radiation per m², but don't know which specifications were used for the 570kWp PV-Plant in the dataset.

Can someone give me the information or the right documentation, thanky you very much!

Written on: 04.02.2019#2

Dear Leo,

The amount of infrastructure (PV-plant) input in this dataset is calculated with a mathematical relation, which you can see looks as follows: 1/(lifetime*(capacity*1000)*yield_corr)

The variables used for this formula are defined in the section “parameters” of the dataset. You can modify those parameters, namely the yield in kWh/kWp and if required also the capacity in MW of the plant you aim to model. The yield of the GLO dataset is 1045kWh/kWp.

Mind that depending on which LCA software you use, you might not see the parameters in the software. In that case, please log-in to access the datasets directly via the ecoinvent webpage.

Kind regards,

Florentine Brunner,


Data Analyst, ecoinvent