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Cement/concrete production process

Written on: 04.02.2019#1


Hi, I have some questions.

My goal is to create a generic concrete chain for a precast concrete house frame (reinforced precast beams and columns). 

-I plan to use the process cement production, Portland.

1) I saw that in the inputs of the process steel, low alloyed is used. What is the purpose of including it? Is it for reinforcement?

2) the cement production, Portland does not include the transportation of raw materials to the cement factory, am I right? 

3)as my generic chain will be for precast building elements, I need to include the “precast concrete process”. There is no process included in ecoinvent that refers to this, right? 


Thank you in advance! 

Written on: 05.02.2019#2


Dear user, 


1) Steel is used as: Ancillary product for grinding (wearing parts).

2) Transport is not included in the cement production (transforming activity) as, in ecoinvent version 3, transport is included in the market activities, please refer to this FAQ

3) There is not a specific activity in ecoinvent for the "precast concrete process". You might want to look into dataset: "wind turbine construction, 2.3MW, precast concrete tower, onshore", this is though very specific to wind turbines.


Best regards, 

Lucia Valsasina, Junior Project Manager, ecoinvent