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Data modification

Written on: 14.02.2019#1


Hi, I have a methodological question:

Is it possible to modify data in a particular unit process through intervension in data records - eg changing the chemical composition of the material and the amount of components? For example, how do you relate to the situation when the data in ecoinvent is for a specific type of metal, and to have specific characterisation of similar material we use as the basis the existing data for metal in ecoinvent but modify it changing the chemical composition and appropriate values? For example I would like to add the molybdenum to the material composition in one of existing unit processes. What is your recommendation concerning the methodology in such situation?

Thank you in advance!

Written on: 12.03.2019#2

Dear Sawanna,


The answer depends on how you use the database and what you want to check. Can you please send a clarification email ( with the following information:

1. Name of the dataset you want to initially use.

2. What product you want to have in the end, after the modification you would like to perform.

3. version you are using and how you are using it, any software?

Best regards,

Avraam Symeonidis,

Data analyst, ecoinvent