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Documentation of EI3.5 viscose dataset

Written on: 20.02.2019#1

Gustav Sandin


In the dataset documentation of the EI3.5 viscose dataset, on page 4, inputs from technospere are listed along with datasets. For example, under “sulfate pulp, bleached” it says “Use of existing data inventory “sulphate pulp, TCF bleached, at plant”. Does this mean that this dataset, which is from an older EI version and not part of EI3.5, has been used when creating the EI3.5 aggregated dataset on viscose production (e.g. as implemented in Gabi)?

Or has the new sulfate pulp datasets from EPIS, which in EI3.5 replaced old pulp datasets, indeed been used (which appears to be the case according to the u-so (disaggregated) EI3.5 dataset on viscose production in Gabi)? And if this is the case, is it so that the pdf documentation hasn’t been updated?

Thanks for your help,


Written on: 27.02.2019#2

Dear Gustav,

as you identified correctly, the product “sulfate pulp” in v3.4 was replaced with “sulfate pulp, bleached” and/or “sulfate pulp, unbleached” in v3.5. All datasets which received sulfate pulp as an input in v3.4, now receive a corresponding input or split of inputs in v3. You can find the documentation of all these changes in the Report of Changes for v3.5, p. 4.9, Table 34.

The GLO viscose production dataset receives inputs of bleached sulfate pulp from the RoW and RER “market for sulfate pulp, bleached” in v3.5. This is currently indeed not reflected in the exchange comment of the viscose dataset.

Kind regards,

Florentine Brunner,

Data Analyst, ecoinvent