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Glucose production and negative impact of water

Written on: 06.03.2019#1


 Dear Ecoinvent Community 

I allow a question that poses a problem in the interpretation of my results.

When using glucose processus, (Ecoinvent 3.4 - Glucose {RER}| glucose production | APOS, U. Method ILCD 2011 Midpoint) there is a water "production in the system" as the impact of "water ressource depletion" is négative :  almost 60 liter of water is "generated" by kilogram of glucose product!!

These results are difficult to show because they can mean indirectly "produce glucose .... and there will be no problems of water scarcity!" .... which of course is not the case!

I wish to explain these results but I couldn't find information enough.... (and I am stuck :))

Have you an idea?

Many many thanks if you can bring me the "light"

Sincerely Yours


Written on: 12.03.2019#2


Dear Laurent, 


glucose produciton in version 3.4 has a mistake in the amount of water to environment. 


The error is documented in the Report of Changes | ecoinvent 3.4 (2017) to ecoinvent 3.5 (2018). To consult the correction made, please log in into ecoinvent online (ecoQuery). If you never logged in before, pease read here. if you have any issues with your account, please contact us at


From the name format, I presume you use SimaPro, if you need more information regarding water impact assessment you would need to redirect your question to their support, as they are responsible for the implementaiton of the methods in SimaPro.


I hope this helps.

Best regards, 

Lucia Valsasina, Junior Project Manager, ecoinvent