I would like to see, in detail, how the unit process of wood chips was built -to understand the allocation process for this by-product (under Wood>By-products>transformation> wood chips, wet, measured as dry-mass (DE), softwood forestry, pine, sustainable forest management, APOS U).

I would like to change the allocation process for the wood chips, but before changing it I want to understand in detail how it was modelled in the first place. In our case, the wood chips are a by-product of wood plank production. Thus, I will do an economic allocation for the energy used during the wood plank production between wood plank and wood chips. Whereas, in terms of the carbon that gets stored inside the wood, I would like to allocate it based on mass, instead of price.

On the databases, I couldn't find a detailed report that gives more information than what is already provided in the documentation on SimaPro. The PDF file doesn't get into detail about the allocation details.

Could you please help me about where to find a detailed explanation of how this process is modelled to help me proceed with the allocations?

Note: I am using ecoinvent database on an LCA software (SimaPro). I use the version 3.4.