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Geothermal and electricity heat pump

Written on: 27.05.2019#1


I would like to model future heating scenarios. In the mix it is predicted certain share of geothermal energy used and electrical heat pumps from wind for heating. Which processes should I used to satisfay this? I have found only geothermal for electricity production, and different types of heat pumps, but not the ones using the wind energy which I need. 

Written on: 31.05.2019#2

Dear Julija,

I am not sure I understand what you are referring to with heat pumps from wind for heating. Is that air heat pumps? Or you want a(ny) heat pump regardless of the heat source to use wind power as the electricity input? In the latter case you can modify the heat production datasets by replacing the input of electricity supplied from the electricity market by electricity from wind.

Kind regards,

Florentine Brunner, Data Analyst, ecoinvent