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Biowaste to biogas

Written on: 27.05.2019#1



I have a hard time to wrap my head around the "treatment of biowaste for anaerobic digestion"-dataset. I'm looking for some kind of climate impact for the production of biogas from biowaste. Is this possible to find from this dataset? If I look at the dataset (allocation, cut of by classification):

"treatment of biowaste by anaerobic digestion"

Reference product: Biogas

Location: CH

LCIA -> IPCC2013

I don't see any climate impact. Is it possible to find this information from any other dataset?

Best regards, Jacob

Written on: 27.05.2019#2


Dear Jacob, 


See the description of "Handling of Waste Products" in the description of the Cut-off system model. In particular: "Any non-waste by-products of a waste treatment (i.e. not other waste products) are cut off and do not give a credit to the producing activity. The point of cut-off is therefore the end of the waste treatment. This also means that the resulting products are available in the database and can be used as burden-free inputs in other activities." This modelling is specific to the Cut-off system model. 


Best regards,

Lucia Valsasina, Junior Project Manager, ecoinvent